Buddhist Master Trail Mountain Bike Tour ,This is a non-tourist area/less crowded and any season you can enjoying trips  but a very splendid one.This mountain bike  tour takes you to "Bodhi chitta garden trail" Yanbel danda  (2100 m),"Mahabharata Rhododendron Trail"(3100m) its highest elevation, from where you will see a vast Himalayan range from Makalu to Dhaulagiri in addition,where you   this is the only treks from where you will have a glimpse of Tarai - the lowland of Nepal as well as the world's highest mountain - Mt. Everest (8848 m) including found bodhi chitta, buddha chitta garden While  in this area, we  high up on spectacular ridges in an area inhabited by Tamangs - magar ,kami -an indigenous Bon Buddhists community whose religion is a fusion of Bon  Buddhist Lamaism and the Shamanist Bon culture. It is common for a village to have a Lama ,Bon and a Jhankri (Shaman). Except Tamang,kami-mahar-sarki  you will have encountered with different ethnic people and experience about socio-economic situation, life-style, and their professions. Moreover, the main attraction of this area is, it gives a wide range of exploration to the mountains bike tour  with Buddhist Master Trail Mountain Bike Tour.The  begins from kathmandu or Panauti  and can be concluded in five days to 12 days. It passes through Namobuddha, Kot Timal and Narayansthan before concluding at Lubhughat.
Similarly, the exploration for Mahabharat Rhododendron mountains  Trail begins from kathmandu-Sindhuligadhi and passes through different sections of the Mahabharat Range before concluded at Khopasi-Banthali.
There are two caves in Timal where Padmasambhava is believed to have meditated in the 8th century. Alpine adventure team try plan to develop the area as a pilgrimage destination / Bon Buddhists and agricultural tourism  tourist in this area.

Local House stay /camping-Buddhist Master Trail Mountain Bike Tour

1.kathmandu to Panauti/ bhalthali- camp holi Buddhist place Namo Buddha

2.Namo buddha to yangbel danda,

3.yanbel danda - visit tonsum kunda,gelung uu, hyari Nag , Guru Rimporche meditation cave.

4.Yanbel danda to via chaphakhori-parsel  Bolde phediche visit agricultural firm,Guru riporche's  feet  (Sange La Je) and   real tamang peoples life style.

5.Bolde phediche- via sunkoshi river  to  kathmandu ( bus 8 hours)

Second option itinerary

1.Kathmandu to Pachkhale

2.Pachkhale to  bolde village lunch with visit bodhi chitta garden / pasel  to camp Hyari Nag

3.visit monastery of swoyambu-bauddha-Namo Buddha Tonsum kunda,gelung uu, Guru rimporche meditation cave - and camp  kot timal \

4.kot timal – via kanpur-dapcha camp at Namo Buddha Holi place

5.Namo Buddha to Panauti heritage small city stay with home stay

6.Visit panauti historical place  after  to Kathmandu ( 4:30hours)

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